AI Design Intern

Indigo Research is a research consultancy that currently focuses on artificial intelligence. We work to take the latest technologies and apply them to industry and enterprise use-cases. This provides the funding necessary to do research that would in turn, improve the technology company’s technology.

Our clients include SaaS providers, banks, telecommunications companies, and other startups.

Our research currently focuses on localizing Speech-to-Text using graphical models and conversational engines.


AI Design is all about building and designing AI tech for optimal usability. Many AI and ML technologies are very lab-based; you’d have to interact with them through a notebook or a terminal window. You’ll be taking these AI models, be it a neural net or a classic SVM, and design interfaces for users to interact with them. You might be building prototype code for research purposes, or deploying them to the cloud for a thousand users to interact with.

Your day-to-day will likely involve storyboarding user flows, designing information architecture, and building intuitive and usable user interfaces. AI Design is a pretty new thing, so we’ll be helping you learn about these things as you go along.

Since we’re a small company working with large industries, you’ll be expected to jump in on certain tasks from time to time. Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to make coffee unless you really want to. Coffee-making is sort of our CEO’s thing.


  • Developing interfaces for various AI products like chatbots and recommender systems.
  • Designing and architecting systems that present data intuitively for the end user
  • Making sure that the AI interfaces developed are working properly (“Freeze all motor functions?”)
  • Prototyping, testing, and building interfaces for our AI products.


  • Comfortable using HTML, CSS, and Javascript, or at least knows how to work Google and Stackoverflow.
  • Familiar with Python. Most of our tech is built on Python, so it would be great if you could understand the backend as well.
  • Perpetually curious. If you’ve broken something, fixed it, broken and fixed it again, then you have our attention.
  • Strong and independent woman...or man. We’re looking for a strong sense of autonomy and ownership of work. We’re not really particular with what you classify yourself as, as long as you’re not a robot out to kill us all.
  • Can pass the Turing test. We believe that the best designers are those who can effectively communicate their ideas to others.


  • Our work hours are as flexible as non-linear models. Get it?
  • You’ll be expected to build one-of-a-kind interfaces. You can expect us to compensate you with one-of-a-kind allowances.
  • Free, normally single-origin coffee...unless you like instant 3-in-one. We’re flexible.


Email [email protected] with the following:

  • Your latest resume
  • Comments on how we could improve our poster or website.
  • A portfolio or Behance or anything that showcases past work
  • Github Repo URL
  • The answer to the following question in 1-2 paragraphs: “How do you think AI compares to the human mind?”